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San Luis Video Publishing
Celebrating more than 25 years of service to agriculture and horticulture education

San Luis Video Publishing started out humbly. Our founder, Joe Clokey, was a horticulture major at California Polytechnic State University's world-famous horticulture department.

Cal Poly requires a senior project of all students, and Joe chose to make a video on horticulture for his senior project with VEP, an educational media production company that was then based at Cal Poly.

Joe enjoyed this project so much that he began producing programs for VEP. Eventually he formed his own company, San Luis Video Publishing. VEP is no longer in existence at Cal Poly, but San Luis Video Publishing has continued to produce quality programming for agriculture and horticulture instructors worldwide.

We welcome your suggestions for new programs. Please feel free to contact us at any time with your comments and suggestions so that we can improve our service to you.


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