Dr. Graeme R. Quick
Advisor For
Amazing Agricultural Machines

Dr. Graeme R. Quick is an internationally recognized agricultural engineer and one of the world's leading authorities on crop harvesting. In addition to instructing agricultural engineering at Iowa State University and other campuses for many years, Dr. Quick has worked in over thirty countries as a professional engineer and machine designer.



This one-of-a kind series of four new programs is the most complete collection of videos about agricultural machinery that has every been produced. It is simply, well ... amazing!

Amazing Agricultural Machines is an all new, action-packed series of four programs which shows the development and vast diversity of machines used in agriculture and horticulture. This four-part series provides a powerful opportunity for studying these machines in action in many different settings around the world.

Students will not only learn about the diversity of agricultural equipment, but will also discover the driving forces behind today's widespread mechanization in the industrialized world. Tractors, threshers, harvesters and farm equipment of all kinds are shown, as well as machines used in the ever-expanding area known as "outdoor power equipment' or OPE.

This entertaining series weaves history in with the very latest farming and landscape machinery for a unique look at this industry.

Amazing Agricultural Machines 4-Part Set - $396.00

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#1 History And Development

Volume one of this four-part series examines the history and development of agricultural machines. The video traces Biblical and Roman references to the very first threshers and harvesters, showing how design elements from ancient tools have been incorporated into today's machines. Students will see how these early implements changed over time. They will also see traditional farming techniques still in use in different parts of the world. Volume one shows how labor shortages, relief from hard labor and economic woes became the driving forces for agricultural mechanization. 20 minutes
Volume 1 - History And Development - $119.95

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#2 Modern Machines
Viewers will see the amazing diversity of tasks accomplished by modern agricultural machines. Discover how advances in precision farming apply modern technologies such as hands-free or laser-guided steering, GPS integration, video-assisted operation, and controlled-traffic farming. Students will also see these amazing farm machines doing the work of tilling, planting, weeding, spraying, fertilizing, harvesting and threshing. Giant grain harvesters are shown as well as unique machines designed to harvest sensitive crops such as olives, oranges and flower seeds, just to name a few. 20 minutes
Volume 2 - Modern Machines - $119.95

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#3 Outdoor Power Equipment
Explore the growing demand for Outdoor Power Equipment or OPE. It includes the amazing spread of machines being used not only by broad acre farmers buy by urbanites and the increasing number of part-time farmers and small-acreage owners. Students will see practically every imaginable piece of landscape machinery, including highly versatile compact tractors and utility vehicles, chainsaws, mowers, blowers, trimmers, trenchers, cultivators and turf harvesters, to name a few. This amazing array of tools is shown going full power, tackling the complex demands of today's landscapes, parks, small farms, forests, sports fields, golf courses and open spaces. 20 minutes
Volume 3 - Outdoor Power Equipment - $119.95

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#4 Safety, Cost and the Operator
The final program in this series presents practical safety information along with the relevant concerns of machine owners and operators. It integrates safety with important issues such as economics, comfort, recreation, convenience, profits and sustainability. Students sill gain an overview of the issues relating to machine costs, productivity and safety on the farm and in the landscape. This program highlights the costs to society of machine-related injuries from rollovers, thrown objects and other hazards, and how these are reduced by Roll-Over-Protection-Structure (ROPS) cabs, and by design improvements to all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), chainsaws, lawn mowers, etc. This program also shows safety and cost aspects from the perspectives of owners, employees, manufacturers, public, and governmental agencies responsible for safety and environmental concerns. 20 minutes
Volume 4 - Safety, Cost and the Operator - $119.95

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Agricultural Equipment Operator Safety Series DVD

Seven programs on one tape that demonstrate farm machinery operator safety fulfilling the federal law for child labor in Hazardous Occupations in Agriculture. The programs are: Starting and Stopping Tractors; Tractor Safety on the Farm; Tractor Hitches, PTOs and Hydraulics; Tractor Safety on the Road; Why Farm Machinery Accidents Occur; Farm Machinery Accident Situations; and Farmstead Safety. All 7 on one DVD. 64 min. total.

Agriculture Equipment Operator Safety Series DVD
Gas Turbines- Energy Powerhouses

In a gas turbine, the linear motion of gas causes rotors to spin, ultimately creating electricity. The forward rotating blades pump air under high pressure into the combustion chamber where natural gas ignites on contact with the air. At 1,500 degrees Celsius, the stream of gas rushes past the rear turbine blades, causing the entire rotor to spin. A generator transforms that rotational energy into electricity. This program shows the extreme precision required to build a turbine, how it works and how it‘s used. 16 min. DVD Grades 6-12

Gas Turbines- Energy Powerhouses $95.00
Propulsion- Technological Advances

The concept of ‘propulsive thrust to move objects over large distances’ is ancient. Yet, the technology to move an automobile forward or a rocket into space was invented less than two centuries ago. The invention of the solid fuel propulsion system combined with Newton‘s Third Law is the simplistic basis for modern rocketry. This program reviews the history of propulsion and explores its use as a viable energy source of the future. DVD 15 min. Grade level: 6-12

Propulsion- Technological Advances $95.00
Robotics- Advaances in Engineering DVD

Almost fifty years ago the first industrial robot was “employed” in an automobile assembly plant. Robots are regularly used for hazardous, super-heavy and difficult tasks in manufacturing, agriculture, entertainment, medicine, and space exploration. Welding robots with touch sensing and seam tracking abilities increase assembly plant efficiency, while robotic surgery results in less pain, quicker recovery and shorter hospital stays. NASA’s robotic rovers Spirit and Opportunity are mapping the terrain and searching for evidence of water on Mars. Honda Motor Company’s humanoid robot, ASIMO, can walk, run, recognize people and identify sounds and voices. Grade level: 6-12 DVD 17 min.

Robotics- Advaances in Engineering DVD $95.00

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