“I know of no pursuit in which more real and important services can be rendered to any country than by improving its agriculture, its breed of useful animals, and other branches of a husbandman's cares."
... George Washington

Against the Grain DVD

Explore the scope and scale of the genetic engineering enterprise and how it is changing agriculture as we know it. Issues range from the introduction of novel gene-products with potential allergenicity to the possibility of alterations in plant chemistry, such as changes in estrogenic activity in the soybean. The video includes a first hand look at bioengineered crops, as well as fascinating interviews with those directly involved, including farmers, both for and against the rapid conversion to bioengineered food crops. A great program to have students explore the ecological, ethical, and human health aspects of this spreading new technology. 13 min. DVD

Against the Grain DVD $79.95

Agribusiness: Problems and Solutions: two DVD set

Agribusiness has taken the principles of the assembly line and applied them to what was traditional animal husbandry. The result: the extinction of many family farms, alarming pollution rates, and increased health maladies in farming communities. This cogent two-part series challenges assumptions about the efficiency of corporate farming in the U.S. and Canada. Environmental activists, lawyers, scholars, and community members passionately confront this destructive form of agriculture and make known their ideas for fixing the problem. Original CBC broadcast title: Farm Inc. 2-part series, 46 minutes each.

Agribusiness: Problems and Solutions: two DVD set $240.00

Agriculture- Feeding A Hungry Planet DVD

Scientists throughout the world are reseaching and implementing sustainable food production systems. Key concepts that underline this vital research are ecosystem preservation and natural resource conservation. Food productioin systems touch nearly every aspect of life- from farms and industrial processing plants to markets, grocery stores and the dinner table. Students will learn about the future sustainable “food cycle”.DVD 15 min. Intended grade level 6-12

Agriculture- Feeding A Hungry Planet $95.00

Alternative Agriculture: Food for Life DVD

This program asserts that ecological, organic, and ethical farming is a viabamaz_grainsle alternative to industrial agriculture, and offers a tremendous benefit to the environment while helping to preserve traditional rural life. Interviews with these modern farmers focus on the process and effects of raising animals, grains, fruits, and vegetables in a natural environment. In addition, scholars criticize what they call academic and government support of large-scale agriculture, arguing that the only true sustainable method of farming is nature-based and that more consumers are demanding food produced without the use of chemicals, pesticides, hormones, or antibiotics. 46 min.

Alternate Agriculture DVD $130.00

Amazing Grains

This terriffic new program shows students what grain is, why it's good to eat, where it comes from and how it gets from field to table. Learn about the three most eaten foods in the world: wheat, rice and corn.also see the role that other grains play such as barley, oats, rye, buckwheat, kasha, spelt, millet, triticale, amaranths, an quinoa. Find out: what gasoline, markup and popcorn have in common; why nutritionists recommend eating more whole grains; the definition of whole wheat, wheat berries and wheat germ. Students will come away with a great understanding of the role grains play in our world. 20 minutes.

Amazing Grains DVD $119.95

America The Bountiful, An Award-Winning Series That Has Been Popular On National PBS And The History Channel, Is A Great Addition To Your School

America The Bountiful

Travel back in time and experience the conflicts, rewards and challenges faced by those who helped build America. Step aboard this exciting series and experience six fun-filled section that take you from the beginninf of the United Stated through the Green Revolution. From the mid-18th century Americans to Thomas Jefferson to the Cold War era, students will take a guided tour of the enormous contributions responsible for developing our bountiful nation. This set contains six DVDs containing 138 minutes of material, 6 printable resources and 10 web resources.

America The Bountiful, Six-Program Set $229.95

Here are the six individual program you get in the set:

America the Bountiful Part I: Horn of Plenty
The pilgrims attempt to make contact with the natives and accidentally discover the values of corn. Native and New American 18th century relationships are examined.

America the Bountiful Part II: Land
See how early settlers viewed land use, including Thomas Jefferson and William Penn. Examine how work intensive crops like cotton and tobacco led to the institutionalization of slavery. The western movement of settlers is followed.

America the Bountiful Part III: Swords & Plowshares
See how the crossing of two strains of Indian corn formed the basis for the creation of the Midwest Corn Belt; how key educational institutions linked the farmer to the advancements in science and technology. Also explore the work of Henry Wallace, Seaman A. Knapp and Perry G. Holden.

America the Bountiful Part IV: Torchlight
Explore the growth of the transportation infrastructure and the agrarian revolt. See how turnpikes, canals, steamboats, and railroads opened the country for expansion and commerce. See the chaos agriculture fell into following the Civil War. George Washington Carver's contributions are highlighted.

America the Bountiful Part V: The Ever Normal Granary
1930's crashing prices and farm foreclosures in the great depression are followed by the disastrous dust bowl. FDR's secretary of Ag. Henry A. Wallace has a plan to save the farmers. Uncertainty and a violent shakeout culminate into the New Deal.

America the Bountiful Part VI: Whereby We Thrive
Post WWII, American AG becomes a significant tool in winning the cold war with crop improvements.

Sustainable Agriculture 4 Vol. DVD set

Visit a wide range of farmers and entomology farm advisors who are implementing tactics that enhance a farm's biological diversity. See how sustainable agriculture is efficent in the use of natural resources, ecologically sound and economical. Explore the farm-estuary connection- see how farmers are reducing soil loss and improving waterways. Learn about sustainable systems, or loops in the natural world. $396.00

Farmscaping: Tactics for Achieving Sustainable Agriculture 27 min.
Sustainable Agriculture 30 min.
The Farm-Estuary Connection 22 min.
Sustainable Environments 33 min.
Following below are each of the four titles in the series:

Farmscaping: Advanced Tactics for Achieving Sustainable Agriculture DVD

Visit a wide range of farmers and entomology farm advisors who are implementing tactics that enhance a farm's biological diversity; enrich it�s soil fertility, drainage and tilth; achieve biological weed and insect pest management and reduce the need for agricultural chemicals. See how cover crops are used to manage weeds and improve the soil�s structure and fertility. Find out how to utilize and time certain cover crops to help attract the specific predators which help control pest insects. See how to implement insectary crops, trap crops, mowing and tillage of cover crops, inter cropping and habitat strips. You�ll then see how to utilize weeds, roadside and insectary plantings, windrows and hedgerows to bring even more biological diversity to the farm. 27 min. $119.00

See Streaming Version

Sustainable Agriculture DVD

Learn how to: improve soil fertility and nutrient cycling, maintain biological diversity, implement effective cover crops and trap crops, integrate farm animals, add compost to the soil, mulch, reduce soil erosion and enhance soil structure by utilizing various conservation tillage techniques, manage pests, develop useful crop rotations, and much more. Visit numerous locations and hear from five farmers who have successfully made the transition. 30 min. $119.00

See Streaming Version

Farm-Estuary Connection DVD

This program defines what a watershed is and shows how it's connected with a series of creeks and waterways to an estuary or bay. Visit five farmers who are successfully reducing soil loss on their farms and ranches. Explore how cover crops, intensive grazing, creek buffer strips, and other techniques help lengthen the life on an estuary by reducing silation of the creeks. Students see how this slows the sedimentation process of an estuary in the farmer's watershed. 22 min. $119.00

See Streaming Version

Sustainable Environments

This program defines sustainability and then explores how sustainable systems, or loops, work in the natural world. Examine the elements of sustainable environments including: diversity, interdependence, the ability to adapt or evolve & how resources are utillized. This is followed byexamples of how this understanding can lead to solutions in the design & implementation of the built environment. With interesting interviews and a wide vareity of locations, you'll see how sustainability can be applied to agriculture, transportations systems, buildings & landscapes, life-styles and work. This is ideal to introduce students to the understanding and importance of working towards sustainability with an interdisciplinary approach. 33min. $119.00

See Streaming Version

Broken Limbs: Apples, Agriculture and the New American Farmer DVD

This is one of the most well received and reviewed agriculture films. It’s a very accurate and moving description of what is happening to agriculture in America. Focused on apple growers in Washington State, the story reflects what is happening to hog producers in Iowa, citrus growers in Florida and dairy farmers in New York. The video offers a ray of hope-the “new farmers” who add value to their production and retain more of that value on the farm by producing the quality, attributes and services that a growing number of food customers want. A moving and compelling story. 57 min.

Broken Limbs DVD $250.00

Clean Food, Organic Agriculture DVD

Although more than 12,000 organic farms operate in the U.S., increasing demand for organically grown food requires substantial imports from abroad. This program delves into the world of sustainable, eco-friendly agriculture; it also highlights advances that should eventually enable all Americans to “act locally” when they shop for organic food. George Siemon, founder and CEO of Organic Valley, talks about the inner workings of his cooperative organization, while green food producers Anthony Rodale, Gary Hirshberg, and Gary Erickson explain the challenges and rewards of their successful operations. Renowned activist Vandana Shiva expounds on the social, environmental, and health-related consequences of traditional corporate farming. 28 min.

Clean Food DVD $89.95

Corn: How Stuff Works DVD

Corn is agriculture's most versatile and productive crop. The program examines how corn is bred, grown, harvested, and converted into everything from animal feed to plastic. Agricultural scientists discuss corn's origins as a humble grass, and chemists reveal how corn can be made into ethanol, an alternative to fossil fuels. DVD 37 min. Produced in 2008. This is a very thoughtful and well produced program with an engaging presentation and lots of current information. Although the grade level is listed at 6 to 12 is would could likely be view with benefit by college level ag. classes as well.

Corn: How Stuff Works DVD $119.00

King Corn

Classroom version of classic film about how two friends uncover the devastating impact of corn on the environment, public health and family farms. 50 min. DVD. Also contains new BIG RIVER: A KING CORN COMPANION. This DVD includes closed captioned versions of the shortened classroom edition of KING CORN and the new companion film, BIG RIVER: A KING CORN COMPANION (27 mins).

King Corn DVD $295.00

Farm to Table DVD

Food! We talk about it all the time. But, do you really know where it all comes from? Did you know that the average food item travels 1,300 miles and changes hands 6 times before you ever get to see it? In this program we take a comprehensive look at modern agriculture from the dawn of farming through the Green Revolution. We look at the entire process of food production and distribution. Using a sausage pizza as a springboard, we investigate where different ingredients come from; how they’re grown and harvested; how they’re stored, shipped, and processed; and how they finally find their way to restaurants and stores. We talk with farmers about their jobs and the issues and initiatives that impact them. Environmental problems, migrant workers, and irradiation are a few of the issues we touch on. 21 min.

Farm to Table DVD $99.00

Fresh Food: What is Farm to Table? DVD

Tap into the current trend of eating locally grown foods without the use of chemical pesticides or hormones! The basics of sustainable farming is explored through the eyes of three highly-trained chefs who leave big city jobs to carve out a place to grow fresh, healthy ingredients for their gourmet dishes. Discover:

  • The differences and similarities between sustainable and organic farming
  • A brief history of American farms
  • How the chefs created and market their farm
  • How the fresh food travels from farm to table
  • Appropriate for grades 6 to Adult
  • Teaching materials online.

Teaching materials online. Closed Captioned. 20 minutes

Fresh Food: What is Farm to Table? DVD $95.00

Genetic Engineering: Making Plants Grow Plastic

Discover how science and nature are cooperating to give us new sources of fuel and biodegradable products. Learn how genetic engineers are taking one common plant, the rapeseed and attempting to solve both worldwide problems. Long grown for the oil contained in its seeds, rapeseed oil is used in many familiar products like cooking oil. It is also processed into biodegradable lubricants and fuel. Genetic engineers have engineered it to produce an unusual substance - plastic. Includes suggestions for careers in this field of study.

Terms Covered In This Edition Include: Bacteria, Biodegrade, Biotechnology, Decompose, DNA, Ecosystem, Fossil Fuels, Genes, Genetic Engineers, Oilseed Plants, Organic, Petrochemical, Plastics, Pollution, Rapeseed Plant, Renewable, Synthetic, Traits

Relevant Curriculum Areas: Biology, Chemistry, Genetics, Physics

12 min. DVD Grades 4-9

Genetic Engineering: Making Plants Grow Plastic DVD $95.00

High Value Marketing DVD

Farmers demonstrate ways they have increased the value of what they sell, to remain competitive in a high-volume agricultural economy. Strategies include direct and cooperative marketing, processing and organic certification. 29 min. DVD $69.95

Strategies for Sustainable Agriculture 6 Vol. DVD set

Save $100.00 when you buy all six Strategies for Sustainable Agriculture; Field crops, IPM For Apples, IPM for Vegetables & Small Fruits, High-Value Marketing, Rotational Grazing, and Vegetables. Entire 6 Vol. set for $319.70

Strategies for Sustainable Agriculture 6 vol. Set
Field Crops 29 min.
I.P.M. for Apples 29 min.
I.P.M. for Vegetables and Small Fruit 29 min.
High Value Marketing 29 min.
Rotational Grazing 29 min.
Vegetables 29 min.

Field Crops DVD

This video profiles farmers who grow field crops, either as part of livestock operations or as cash grains. The farmers stress the importance of soil fertility and explain how they achieve it. Sections include manure management, crop rotations, cover crops, green manures, weed control methods and pest management systems. An excellent resource. 29 min. $69.95

High-Value Marketing DVD

In this effective video, farmers demonstrate ways in which they have increased the value of what they sell. Strategies include direct and cooperative marketing, processing and organic certification. 29 min. $69.95

IPM for Apples DVD

Faced with consumer pressure, narrow profit margins and a shrinking arsenal of pesticides, these apple growers have turned to IPM practices to battle one of the most difficult apple pest complexes in the world. Apple maggot, leaf roller, codling moth and plum curculio controls are examined, as well as treatments for diseases like apple scab. 29 min. $69.95

IPM for Vegetables & Small Fruit

For many growers, the first step toward lower pesticide use is the practice of Integrated Pest Management. This method stresses the use of chemicals only as a last resort. Farmers illustrate ways to limit sprays by close monitoring of pest populations and by finding cultural and biological alternatives to pesticides. 29 min. $69.95

Rotational Grazing DVD

Intensive grazing systems make efficient, inexpensive use of pastures and offer dairy, beef, and sheep farmers a way to lower costs and thereby stay in business. Some farmers combine rotational grazing with feeding grain. Others rely exclusively on pasture and do not feel the need to devote time, money, equipment or chemicals to grow field crops. 29 min. $69.95

Vegetables DVD

The growers in this video have responded to the increasing demand by consumers for safe, high quality food. Many grow vegetables organically. They also emphasize soil fertility and describe ways to achieve it with manure, composting systems, crop rotations, cover crops and green manure. Weed and insect control strategies are also discussed. 29 min. $69.95

See a sustainable approach to the mamagement of pastures, an approach that results in higher use rates of nutritious forage and, ultimately, lower-cost and higher-profit livestock production. Explore three main componets: Landscape, Grazing Animals, and Forage. Learn about the dynamics of plant growth, stock density, and harvest efficiency. Produced by H. Alan DeRamus, Ph.D. Professor of Agronomy at the University of Louisiana in Lafayette. 63 min. DVD

Management Intensive Grazing DVD $95.00

The Miracle of Agriculture is a multicultural tour of food and fiber production around the world, from the remote Cape Verde Islands to the rugged Australian outback, from the barren Sahara desert to the rich rice paddies of Thailand, from the scrub lands of Western Africa to the incredibly productive central valley of California, from the crowded Japanaese mainland to the vast emptiness of the Texas high plains, from the lush Amazon Basin of Brazil to the hillside poverty of Haiti, from the fields of Picardy in Europe to the soaring Atlas mountains of Morocco. Winner of the 1994 “Gold” award from Agricultural Communicators in Education. Ideal for courses on ecology, geography, social studies, agriculture, and earth sciences. Program length is 46 minutes.

Miracle of Agriculture DVD $119.00

This program focuses on the importance of seeds and scientific efforts to protect the global seed supply. Describing activities at the USDA‘s National Seed Storage Laboratory, where zero-degree and cryogenic technology has been implemented to maintain one of the world‘s largest seed archives. The program also details genetic engineering operations that have enabled scientists to copy or enhance wheat and other agricultural plants without the use of seeds. This is an excellent illustration of areas in which agriculture and technology have merged. Instructor‘s guide available online. 13 min. DVD

The Life of Seeds: Agricultural Science DVD $99.95

This unique program illustrates the relationships between the economy, farmers and natural forces. The causes and consequences of the Dust Bowl are examined. See the hardships which farmers endure and overcome to build new lives. This program includes: one VHS, one DVD (both of the same show), a teachers guide and a three-ringed binder. 25 min. DVD and Study Guide

Plowed Under: Plight of the Farmer DVD $89.95

The Seeds of a New Era DVD

Shedding light on today‘s biotech revolution, this intro-level program examines the controversies surrounding genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, specifically in agriculture. The program explains the process of modification using crown gall disease and Agrobacterium tumefaciens as models to demonstrate how genetic engineering works in plants. Marker genes, DNA constructs, promoters, ligase, restriction enzymes, and the real-world agricultural applications of transgenic plants are analyzed. The film clearly shows that, regarding the long-term use of GMOs and their products, farms are both working laboratories and ethical battlegrounds. Instructor‘s guide available online. 30 min. DVD

The Seeds of a New Era DVD $95.00

Agricultural Science: Seeds for Tomorrow's Food DVD

Much of our food source is made up of thousands of plants that are grown from seeds and there are literally thousands of varieties of fruits and vegetables grown worldwide. The importance of maintaining a healthy seed supply is key to human survival. In this program, students learn about the importance of seeds and what scientists can do to ensure their protection. They will also discover how some plants can be recreated without the use of seeds. In a cloning process, scientists make new plants from a tiny piece of a single parent plant. A single rare species of plant can be cloned thousands of times, creating whole new generations. Includes suggestions for careers in this field of study. Terms Covered In This Edition Include: Cloning, Genetic, Germplasm, Mutant, Nitrogen, Seed, Tissue Culture. Relevant Curriculum Areas: Agriculture, Biology, Chemistry, Conservation, Genetics, Life Science. DVD 13 min. Grades 4-9

Agricultural Science: Seeds for Tomorrow's Food DVD $95.00

Wheat: How things Work DVD

The program highlights wheat's many uses, from fire-resistant doors to plastics. Wheat's polyploidal structure gives the plant a genetic edge, and wheat breeders have worked for more than 8,000 years to develop the perfect variety of the grain. DVD 37 min. Produced in 2008. This is a very thoughtful and well produced program with an engaging presentation and lots of current information. Although the grade level is listed at 6 to 12 is would could likely be view with benefit by college level ag. classes as well. Grades 4-9

Wheat: How Stuff Works DVD $119.00




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