Let us learn to appreciate there will be times when the trees will be bare, and look forward to the time when we may pick the fruit.
Anton Chekhov

The Pruning Series

The Pruning Series contains four separate program covering the fundamentals of pruning, pruning fruit trees and pruning ornamental trees. Also included is Arboriculture: Modern Tree Care, which itself is two program. You save $100 off the prices of the individual programs when you buy the set,

The Pruning Series - $412

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The Fundamentals of Pruning

This program is an effective balance of technique and application. This video delivers information in a logical sequence, and forms a functional foundation to approach any pruning job. The topics covered include: why and how plants respond to pruning; proper tool selection and use; why and when you should prune; and pruning for desired results. With beautiful and varied shot locations, see how to apply these pruning principles in ornamental trees, informal and formal hedges, roses, conifers, flowering shrubs and more. DVD 27 min.

The Fundamentals of Pruning DVD- $119.00

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Pruning Fruit Trees

These critical pruning techniques will teach students how to enhance fruit production and overall tree vitality on a variety of different temperate and subtropical fruit trees. No pruning topic is more important to grasp than the management of fruit wood and fruit spurs. Study the pruning techniques that allow light to reach fruit spurs and hangers, increasing their productivity and longevity. See a wide variety of locations and examples as you learn how to shape, thin and strengthen the branching structure. Also learn about pollination, fruit development, thinning practices, and harvesting. A clear and comprehensive treatment of this often confusing topic. DVD 32 min.
Pruning Fruit Trees DVD - $119.00

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Pruning Ornamental Trees

This new program demonstrates the essential pruning techniques needed to prune landscape trees. Journey to the majestic Avenue of the Giants to get a BIG, clear perspective on the science of tree growth. By developing an understanding of how trees respond to the wounds made by pruning cuts, students can finally understand the theory behind the basic principles of pruning tree limbs. See how to safely use and maintain pruning tools as we demonstrate pruning on a variety of landscape trees. Learn about thinning, shaping, shearing, heading back, undercuts, 3-point cuts, and the proper angle of attachment for tree limbs. Learn the artistic and technical aspects of pruning ornamental trees.

Pruning Ornamental Trees DVD - $119.00

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Arboriculture: Modern Tree Care

Get a current and comprehensive view of the profession known as arboriculture. This terrific new two-part video has detailed sections on the current safety requirements, planting and staking ornamental trees, climbing, lift-truck operation, pruning, and analyzing tree problems. The duckbill root-anchoring system is demonstrated as well as the use of ultrasound technology for generating computer images of the trees interior condition. The program takes a look at the latest tree-care equipment and materials being used and developed in the United States and Europe. DVD Part I: 18 min. Part II: 23 min.

Arboriculture: Modern Tree Care DVD- $155.00

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Chainsaw Safety, Maintenance, and Cutting Techniques

International Tree Climbing Champions Rip Tompkins and Ken Palmer host this ArborMaster© Training video series, Chainsaw Safety, Maintenance, and Cutting Techniques. Safe and efficient use of chainsaws requires thorough training. Although DVDs are no substitute for hands-on instruction, this ArborMaster© series is a great addition to any training curriculum. Palmer and Tompkins teach the basics of chainsaw safety and use in an easy-to-understand field application format. 6 Program set includes:

  • Chainsaw Safety - 43 min.
  • Chainsaw Maintenance - 46 min.
  • Notches, Hinges and Backcuts - 30 min.
  • Felling Techniques - 18 min.
  • Limbing and Bucking - 17 min.
  • Chainsaw Use in Trees - 19 min.

173 min. total. DVD $295.00

Chainsaw Safety, Maintenance, and Cutting Techniques DVD: $295.00


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