We're in a giant car heading towards a brick wall and everyone's arguing over where they're going to sit."
David Suzuki

Biology and Ecosystems DVD

Beyond Organic is the story of a model of community supported agriculture in the midst of suburban sprawl. This 12-acre organic farm has become a model of sustainable food production and community involvement, as well as an inspiration for thousands of people all over the world. The film draws a sharp contrast between community supported agriculture and conventional chemical farming, and it calls on organic farmers to remember basic principles, including fair labor practices, as their farms grow in size and power.

Beyond Organic 33 min. DVD $195.00

Biology and Ecosystems DVD

Does anyone ever think about the four pounds of garbage we produce every day? Get down to the nitty gritty and discover the delicate ecosystem of a landfill, including the potential harm of bacteria’s byproduct methane gas. Break It Down follows the stinky trail from curb to dump to uncover the fate of our trash and the science behind decomposition. 23 min.

Biology and Ecosystems DVD

Careers in the Earth Sciences DVD

Flying into the eye of a storm, camping at the base of an active volcano, traveling backwards in time-students might think these adventures happen only in action movies. This video shows that they also take place in the lives of Earth scientists-those frequently daring researchers and theorists who study the past, present, and future of our planet and environment. Venturing into the realms of land, sea, and air, the program presents detailed portraits of a number of intrepid scientific explorers: a marine seismologist, a volcanologist, a meteorologist, a landscape ecologist, and an environmental health scientist. 27 min. DVD

Careers in the Earth Sciences DVD $89.95

Environmental Ethics DVD

This popular program defines sustainability and then explores how sustainable systems, or loops, work in the natural world. You�ll examine the elements of sustainable environments including: diversity, interdependence, the ability to adapt or evolve and how resources are utilized. This is followed by effective examples of how this understanding can lead to solutions in the design and implementation of the built environment. With interesting interviews and a wide variety of locations, you�ll see how sustainability can be applied to agriculture, transportation systems, buildings and landscapes, and life-styles and work. This is ideal for introducing students to the understanding and importance of working towards sustainability with an interdisciplinary approach. 33 min. $119.00

Ecology DVD

Number 7 in the Teching Systems Biology series.

This 23 minute program includes a guide and is intended for students in the 9-12 grades.

  • Topics include:
  • Diversity of Organisms
  • Population Ecology
  • Communities and Ecosystems
  • Global Issues

    Ecology DVD $95.00

Forces That Shape the Earth DVD

Explore the major landforms of our world with spectacular video footage. Look at the various forces that affect our physical environment including glaciers, volcanoes, gravity, rivers, lakes and oceans, movement in the earth, wind and temperature changes. This video is a superb introduction to the ways all these forces work together to shape our planet. 30 min. $119.00

Geographic Information Systems

See how G.I.S. can help in Land use decision making at a number of different scales. This tool allows us to overlay and process data that is important to our present and future decision making. 28 min. DVD $119.00

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Global Change- Windows of Inquiry DVD

This program examines evidence of global change from the aspect of what has been induced by human activities and what is a result of natural process. An explanation of how each of the earth's ecosystems is tied together reveals why changes in one affect the others. The program also uses evidence of past global change to predict what we can expect Presented by some of the foremost experts on global change in North America, with footage from the islands of the Arctic to the Salton Sea in California, this series explains the complex issue of global change in a way that is both clear and compelling. Looking at population growth, atmospheric and bio-diversity change, and environmental quality, this program shows evidence of what damage has been done, along with scientific projections of what is likely to occur if consumption of the earth's resources is not reduced. 27 min. DVD $95.00

Global Change- Committed to Change DVD

The ecological footprint - this is the mark on the earth left behind by each person based on the amount of resources they have consumed. If the strain we put on natural resources continues at the present rate, the earth will no longer be able to support its inhabitants. This program examines possible solutions and asks the question: is it too late? 27 min.
Global Change: Committed to Change DVD $95.00

Global Change- Witnessing the Impacts DVD

This program looks at atmospheric and biodiversity change and the global warming phenomenon. We investigate the effects of pollution on various ecosystems and why the Arctic has been affected by pollution from Southeast Asia, helping us understand how our local activities may be affecting people on the other side of the world for years to come. 27 min.
Global Change: Witnessing the Impacts DVD $95.00

Global Warming DVD

This DVD explains desertification as a process that changes the land and resource potential of semi-arid or sub-humid areas, transforming the landscape so that it eventually approximates a true desert. Emphasizing the near irreversibility of desertification and focusing on the kinds of land-use practices that intensify this process, this film illustrates each specific stage in the desertification process. It ends with a discussion of the human consequences and what to do about it. 32 min.

Global Warming DVD 129.95

How Ecosystems Work: Energy Flow and Nutrient Cycles DVD

This DVD looks at the processes that are fundamental to all ecosystems. First the concepts of primary productivity, trophic levels, food chains, energy pyramids and the flow of energy through ecosystems are introduced. The program then explains how carbon, nitrogen, phosphorous and water cycle through ecosystems and how human activities can disrupt these cycles and throw them out of balance. This leads to accelerated eutrophication in lakes in the case of phosphorous imbalances and to global warming in the case of carbon imbalances. 34 min. DVD

How Ecosystems Work: Energy Flow and Nutrient Cycles $119.00

Natural Connectiions DVD

5-part series that makes a compelling scientific and ethical case for maintaining biodiversity. This outstanding program makes effective use of interviews with well-spoken scientists, beautiful photography, top quality graphics, and original music to underline the importance of maintaining biodiversity, if we as a species want to survive and thrive on our home planet. The program introduces the basic concepts of biodiversity, and takes a close-up look at salmon, rainforests, and marine ecosystems as examples. Amongst those interviewed are Harvard's Edward O. Wilson, known as the "father of biodiversity"; Dr. Robert Paine, who coined the phrase "keystone species"; and forester Dr. Jerry Franklin. Many programs call for us all to consume less in order to leave enough room for other species, on whom ultimately our survival depends. Few do it so effectively and positively.

    Note: To make this program more user-friendly in the classroom, we have created a 5-part series:
  • The five programs in the series are:
  • Introduction to Biodiversity - The concept of biological diversity and its importance to humans.
  • The Significance of Salmon - Salmon and people both need clean water to survive. Can we make the connection?
  • Keystone Species - The principle of keystone species proves the interconnectedness of the living world.
  • Forests, Biodiversity and You - Can forests retain their productivity and biodiversity? Consuming less ourselves is key.
  • Biodiversity vs. Extinction - Mass extinction of species can be stopped if we understand the importance of biodiversity

Natural Connections DVD $295.00

The New Green Revolution DVD

What will it take to create an eco-friendly global economy? This program addresses the financial, technological, and organizational obstacles that must be overcome before human society and planet Earth can truly coexist. Powerful insights from engineers, energy experts, venture capitalists, and product development specialists. 59 min. DVD

The New Green Revolution DVD

On the Edge DVD

This is the first time that this award winning program is available. After Mikhail Gorbachev signaled the end of the Cold War, he brought together hundreds of the world's leading thinkers to confront the most daunting challenge of all time. This riveting tale wrestles with the combined impacts of our teeming human population coupled with souring levels of consumption upon Earth's dwindling natural resources. Agricultural resources and solutions are also explored. Together, the speakers draw on their ingenuity, courage and compassion to paint a portrait of a better world, as they issue a stirring summons for dramatic change before we run out of options. Incredible cinematography and insightful interviews. Hear from: Jane Goodall, Carl Sagan (one of his last interviews), Huston Smith, Lester Brown, Robert Muller, Mikhail Gorbachev, Ted Turner, Deepak Chopra, Jane Fonda, Oren Lyons, Rupert Sheldrake and other provocative thinkers of our time. $119.00



Plants Out of Place: Facing the Green Invasion DVD

Quickly and quietly, non-native invasive plants are making deep inroads across America, depriving entire ecosystems of the living things and natural resources they depend on to survive. This program illustrates the alarming environmental and commercial impact of non-native invasive plants; explains why they were planted and how they got out of control; introduces federal, state, and local organizations dedicated to stopping them; and describes mechanical, biological, and chemical methods of fighting them. The program also catalogues numerous pest plants currently wreaking havoc, including kudzu, purple loosestrife, garlic mustard, giant salvinia, yellow star thistle, and water hyacinth. 61 min. DVD

Plants Out of Place: Facing the Green Invasion DVD $149.95

Terrestrial Biomes DVD

Our Terrestrial Biomes DVD starts by introducing the four requirements of life - nutrients, energy, liquid water and temperatures appropriate for carrying out life processes and then goes on to explain the factors such as latitude, proximity to oceans, and elevation, that affect climate. Climates relationship to the type of vegetation found in a biome is then explained before introducing students to the major terrestrial biomes including tropical rainforests, temperate rainforests, deciduous forests, savannas, grasslands, chaparrals, taiga, tundra and deserts. The following terrestrial biomes worksheets are included with this video: a teachers guide, crossword puzzle and multiple choice questions. 37 min. ©2005

Terrestrial Biomes DVD $129.95

The Environment: A Historical Perspective DVD

Humans have been transforming the environment for thousands of years. But now, with rain forests disappearing at an appalling rate, pollution on the rise and the world‘s population reaching truly astronomical proportions, how will the Earth survive? In this program, Lester Brown, president of Worldwatch Institute; academic experts; and others study the environmental impact humans have had on the planet and present their perspectives on ecological stewardship for the 21st century. 53 min.

The Environment: A Historical Perspective DVD $89.95

Wilderness: The Last Stand DVD

Wilderness: The Last Stand, a one-hour documentary filmed in the Rocky Mountains of Montana, looks at the mandate and performance of the U.S. Forest Service. Through interviews with Forest Service employees, loggers, environmentalists, scientists and politicians, we discover the ever-widening impact of current policy on the human and wildlife communities that depend upon the National Forests for survival. The dilemma of finding the balance between preserving jobs and protecting the environment is discussed by all, yet solutions are long in coming. While the debate continues today, the forests' ongoing destruction is being subsidized by the American taxpayer at the rate of three hundred million dollars each year. Truly a call to action, Wilderness: The Last Stand means to raise awareness about the condition of our National Forests and to inspire people to become more involved with their fate. $119.00

World Agriculture and Population: Seeking a Balance for Survival

The U.S. has a year round balance of food and food products-a result of millions of acres of arable land, ideal climate, abundant water and economical sources of energy. American farmers produce over 270 food, oil and fiber crops. What about other parts of the world that lack ideal conditions? Explore how other countries feed their populations, food supply sufficiency and affordability and strategies on how food production can keep pace with the ever-growing population.

World Agriculture and Population: Seeking a Balance for Survival $125.00

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