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“Fertilizer does no good in a heap, but a little spread around works miracles all over.”

Fertilizers: 4 Vol. DVD set

VOLUME I: Soil Plant Nutrient Relationships21 min.
VOLUME II:Nutrient Availabilty & Deficiencies 23 min.
VOLUME III: Soil Fertility23 min.
VOLUME IV: Cost Effective Fertilization22 min.

This in-depth video series presents the interdisciplinary topics of fertilizers and soil fertility. Soil science, chemistry, botany, physics, economics and mathematics all play a role in the strategic use of fertilizers.

This four-part series provides a wealth of information on the essential topic of soil fertility. The relationships between soil, plants and nutrients are explained along with many practical techniques used to accurately, and economically, apply fertilizers. The programs are designed with both instructors and students in mind.

Topics are arranged in a logical manner giving instructors the flexibility to design their lesson plans according to their own teaching style. Throughout the video program, instructors will find many opportunities to incorporate their own information and present the themes and ideas at their own pace. Technical terms are easy to read on any TV screen and animated graphics help students quickly grasp and retain the information.

This series demonstrates the use of fertilizers in agriculture, horticulture and the landscape industry. The intended audience includes high school and university students studying soil science, horticulture, agriculture, botany and environmental science. The content of this series is partly based on agricultural core curriculum standards.

You get the following programs, described below, in the complete kit:
Volume 1 - Essential Plant Nutrients
Volume 2 - Nutrient Availability & Deficiencies
Volume 4 - Soil Testing And Fertilizer Terminology
Volume 4 - Fertilizer Programs And Fertilizer Calculations

Four Part Series - Save$80.00 - $396

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Fertilizers:Vol. I Essential Plant Nutrients

Part one of FERTILIZERS: Soil-Plant-Nutrient Relationships(21 minutes) explains soil-plant-nutrient relationships as well as the role of soil in plant growth. This section also explains how the physical and chemical properties of a soil can influence nutrient availability. The essential plant nutrients are introduced along with tips to help students remember them. 21 min. $119.00

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Fertilizers: Vol. II- Nutrient Availability And Deficiencies

In part two (22 minutes) students will delve into and nutrient availability, nutrient deficiencies and the diagnosis of plant problems. The various factors effecting nutrient availability and nutrient absorption are presented. Students will see nutrient- deficiency symptoms and learn how to distinguish between nutrient deficiencies and other plant problems. $119.00

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Fertilizers: Vol. III- Soil Testing And Fertilizer Terminology

The third tape in this series (23 minutes) demonstrates how to test soil fertility. Students will see how to properly collect soil samples for laboratory analysis. The results from the soil analysis explained in detail, along with the recommendations given by the soil laboratory. This program also defines the terms used in the fertilizer industry and explains the information found on fertilizer labels. Students will see a commercial fertilizer distributor as well as a variety of different fertilizer forms and application methods. Both organic and inorganic fertilizers are presented. $119.00

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Fertilizers: Vol. IV- Fertilizer Programs And Fertilizer Calculations

Part Four, the final tape in this series (22 minutes), shows how to develop a cost-effective fertilization program. The program goes step-by-step through various fertilizer calculations for agriculture, horticulture and landscape applications. Examples of price comparisons are calculated, as well as fertilizer application rates for turf and for organic materials. Fertilizer injectors are demonstrated as students learn how to set up and solve equations needed for designing a constant-feed program. This section enhances students problem-solving skills and critical thinking abilities. $119.00

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