“A garden is half-made when it is well planned. The best gardener is the one who does the most gardening by the winter fire.”

Tools For Horticulture:
Safe Use and Care of Professional
Hand Tools

Tools for Horticulture is an all new, action-packed video series which takes an encyclopedic leap in to the vast area of professional hand tools. The audience will learn about the safe use and maintenance of more than 80 hand tools which re essential to the diverse nature of today's horticultural projects. This program is an absolute necessity for instructors and students of horticulture and agricultural engineering, as well as for professionals working in the fields of landscaping, grounds maintenance and nursery production. General and specific safety guidelines are reiterated throughout the entire series.

Tools for Horticulture 4-Program Set - $396
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#1 Safety, Design and Selection of Hand Tools
This introductory program introduces the necessity and advantages of horticultural hand tools. Safety is presented as an aspect of tool design, as well as a system of protective equipment and procedures which reduce the likelihood of injury while using hand tools. This program shows how paying attention to correct body posture and ergonomics can improve work efficiency, reduce physical stress on the body and thereby protect the long-term health of people working with hand tools. Students will also learn about the materials, composition and manufacturing methods of these professional tools. We will also take a trip to a wholesale tool warehouse and present the many considerations which go into making an intelligent tool purchase. DVD 24 minutes.
Safety, Design and Selection of Hand Tools - $119
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#2 Hand Tools for Digging, Weeding & Cultivation

This program presents over thirty manually- powered implements designed for turning, scraping, scooping, boring, and tilling the soil. The first section of volume two demonstrates the safe use and proper techniques required for the use of a variety of diggers, shovels, picks and forks. The second section shows the methods and maintenance of hand tools designed for weeding and cultivation. Students will see the tools in action and discover useful information about the many types of hoes, prongs, weeders and soil cultivators.DVD 26 minutes
Hand Tools for digging, Weeding & Cultivation - $119
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#3 Landscaping, Planting & Watering Tools

The third program in this series covers the wide array of hand tools used for landscape development and the installation of plant materials, as well as the equipment needed for efficient water distribution. Post drivers, sledge hammers, wheelbarrows and dirt tamps are just some of the more than 20 tools covered in this volume. The second section of this volume demonstrates the different tools used for sewing seeds, setting bulbs and planting containerized plants. The last section of Volume Three presents the tools and techniques for manual watering and fertilizing systems. The care and repair of watering equipment is included with a sprinkling of manufacturing trivia. DVD 25 min
Landscaping, Planting & Watering Tools - $119
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#4 Hand Tools For Pruning and Cutting and Hand Tools For Grooming and Curb Appeal
Volume Four concludes the "Tools for Horticulture" series with the sections titles "Hand Tools for Pruning and Cutting" and "Hand Tools for Grooming and Curb Appeal". The first section of this volume handles the extensive topic of pruning and cutting tools. Pruning saws, loppers, hand pruners, and hedge shears are just a few of the 30+ tools presented in this volume. The final section in the series contains a sweeping collection of the hand tools needed for cleaning up after landscape projects and maintaining gardens of all sizes. Rakes, brooms and forks are demonstrated by professionals who show the audience how to pay special attention to detail. DVD 25 min.
Pruning and Cutting/Grooming Curb Appeal DVD - $119
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The Pruning Series

The Pruning Series contains four separate program covering the fundamentals of pruning, pruning fruit trees and pruning ornamental trees. Also included is Arboriculture: Modern Tree Care, which itself is two program. You save $100 off the prices of the individual programs when you buy the set.

The Pruning Series - $412
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The Fundamentals of Pruning

This program is an effective balance of technique and application. This video delivers information in a logical sequence, and forms a functional foundation to approach any pruning job. The topics covered include: why and how plants respond to pruning; proper tool selection and use; why and when you should prune; and pruning for desired results. With beautiful and varied shot locations, see how to apply these pruning principles in ornamental trees, informal and formal hedges, roses, conifers, flowering shrubs and more. DVD 27 min.

The Fundamentals of Pruning DVD- $119.00
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Pruning Fruit Trees

These critical pruning techniques will teach students how to enhance fruit production and overall tree vitality on a variety of different temperate and subtropical fruit trees. No pruning topic is more important to grasp than the management of fruit wood and fruit spurs. Study the pruning techniques that allow light to reach fruit spurs and hangers, increasing their productivity and longevity. See a wide variety of locations and examples as you learn how to shape, thin and strengthen the branching structure. Also learn about pollination, fruit development, thinning practices, and harvesting. A clear and comprehensive treatment of this often confusing topic. DVD 32 min.
Pruning Fruit Trees DVD - $119.00
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Pruning Ornamental Trees

This new program demonstrates the essential pruning techniques needed to prune landscape trees. Journey to the majestic Avenue of the Giants to get a BIG, clear perspective on the science of tree growth. By developing an understanding of how trees respond to the wounds made by pruning cuts, students can finally understand the theory behind the basic principles of pruning tree limbs. See how to safely use and maintain pruning tools as we demonstrate pruning on a variety of landscape trees. Learn about thinning, shaping, shearing, heading back, undercuts, 3-point cuts, and the proper angle of attachment for tree limbs. Learn the artistic and technical aspects of pruning ornamental trees.

Pruning Ornamental Trees DVD - $119.00
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Arboriculture: Modern Tree Care

Get a current and comprehensive view of the profession known as arboriculture. This terrific new two-part video has detailed sections on the current safety requirements, planting and staking ornamental trees, climbing, lift-truck operation, pruning, and analyzing tree problems. The duckbill root-anchoring system is demonstrated as well as the use of ultrasound technology for generating computer images of the trees interior condition. The program takes a look at the latest tree-care equipment and materials being used and developed in the United States and Europe. DVD Part I: 18 min. Part II: 23 min.

Arboriculture: Modern Tree Care DVD- $155.00
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Field Trip: Landmark Nurseries:
This field trip takes a look inside Landmark Nurseries, one of Texas’ largest wholesale growers and distributors. Students will learn many aspects of the business, including:
  • History
  • Plant Propagation
  • Irrigation
  • Fertilization
  • Plant Production
This presentation allows you to bring a field trip to the classroom which otherwise may not have been possible.
Field Trip: Landmark Nursery DVD $119.00
Landscape Power Tools
Now you can interactively jump to each topic in this popular series. This teacher-friendly DVD is multilingual, and any section is easily accessible, instantly, at any point in time. Subject matter includes: safety, pre-start checks, starting, operating, refueling and routine maintenance for five common landscaping power tools (power shears, rotary mower, rotary edger/trimmer, string trimmer and power blower). Additional materials include printable supplements for all subjects covered, Internet connectivity to web sites and two bonus samples of the scaffolding presentations and multimedia teaching. Each chapter is visually detailed with the viewers' choice of English or Spanish narration. 70 minutes, 5 quizzes and 12 web links. DVD $195.00

Two Fascinating New Instructional DVDs To Turn Your Students On To The Magical World of Horticulture - Growing Cacti & Succulents
Cacti and Succulents

Hooked On Succulents

Succulents are among the easiest plants to propagate and grow, and thus make excellent projects for the school greenhouse. Even students who have never grown a plant in their life will find easy success with succulents.

Succulents have a strong pull on our imagination. Their bizarre shapes appeal to us because they are so different from most other plants in our world. The succulents of the tropics and subtropics expand our concept of what a plant should look like.

This program was designed to give students a look at the huge variety of fascinating succulents and to spark their interest in growing and propagating these interesting plants. Students learn about soil, water, containers, fertilizing, temperature requirements and much more. Everything necessary for students to successfully select, grow, pot and propagate succulents is clearly explained and illustrated.

The technical advisor on this program is Daniel Lassanske, professor of horticulture at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obipo. He is widely recognized and admired for his knowledge of growing succulents, as well as his dedication to horticultural education. Many of his students have gone on to become ag ed teachers, and they learned their love of horticulture from Dan Lassanske. Thanks to his dedication throughout production of this program, we are confident that this is the ultimate educational video about growing succulents.

We've enjoyed producing this new video so much that we've started our own succulent collection. We are sure your student will enjoy it too, and will get "hooked on succulents."

Hooked On Succulents - $119.00 -  
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Crazy About Cacti
Words cannot adequately describe the exotic variety of cacti available to the gardener, or how alien many of them appear to us. The cactus family is a strikingly beautiful and hardy group of succulents whose unique variety is unmatched by decorative texture and ornamental color.

Cacti have evolved to survive in a wide range of environmental conditions. They are best known for their ability to conserve water, and are most easily recognized by their spines. Most people think of cacti as only growing in arid desert areas. They are surprised that certain species of these plants can grow in cold climates, as well as the damp, shady environments of a jungle. They canCactus Photo also be found as high as 15,000 feet in the Andes. Some are smaller than a quarter and others are as big as trees. Some species can live well over 100 years. No matter where you live, you can find cacti that will thrive in your climate.

Visit any modern garden center or attend a local cactus and succulent society meeting and you'll quickly see that this is a plant whose popularity is booming. By following a few simple rules, these plants are incredibly easy to maintain. Many people find that cacti exhibit a charming, almost pet-like attraction. Collecting cacti is an easy addiction, so don't be surprised when your students go "Crazy About Cacti."

In this program viewers see a very wide range of interesting cacti and learn about soil, water, culture, light requirements and propagation techniques to keep their plant collection flourishing. Crazy About Cacti was shot at some of the largest wholesale and best retail cacti nurseries in the country in order to inspire interest in these plants.

Our technical advisors on this program were Dan Lassanske, professor of horticulture at California Polytechnic State University and Rob Skillen, a dedicated cactus collector and researcher who has traveled the world extensively to study cacti.

Closed captioned for the hearing impared with English subtitles available. Also included is a transcript of the script and a helpful teaching guide with questions for discussion, true/false and multiple choice questions.

Crazy About Cacti - $119.00 -
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Cacti & Succulents Two DVD Set

This two DVD set includes both Crazy About Cacti and Hooked on Succulents You can save $40.00 when you buy them both together.

Cacti $198.00
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Here Is a Great New Video Designed To Get Your Students Excited About The Rewarding Career Opportunities Waiting For Them in Horticulture

Careers in Horticulture:
Opportunities For Growth
Horticulture is an incredibly diverse profession with an astonishing number of career opprotunities.This brand new program presents more than a dozen of the most modern and exciting career paths available for professional horticulturists. In addition to interviews with some of the industry's most successful people, students also hear from teens and young adults studying horticulture. From interiorscaping to landscape installation and maintenance, we cover the broad spectrum of careers that we collectively call the horticulture industry. To appeal to today's students, we shot at exciting locations such as the Wynn Las Vegas, Getty Center and Getty Villas, Monrovia Nursery, the headquarters of the Valley Crest Companies and some top residential and commercial landscape locations.

Students learn that a high school education is necessary and that with the proper education the sky is the limit as to how far they can go and what they can earn. They see people enjoying jobs working on the most ecologically sensitive golf courses to elegant billionaire estates.

One thing we wanted to make sure they understood is that there is a lot more to horticulture than mowing and blowing lawns and we believe that we achieved that goal admirably.

Do your part to get your students started on the path to financially and personally rewarding jobs in horticulture.

This program is 40 minutes long.
Careers in Horticulture DVD - $119.95
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The Science of Propagation Series

This popular series of videos has been a staple in classrooms across the United States and in many foreign countries. Now you can add a new and important propagation techniques to the three propagation methods previously covered: seeds, cuttings, and vegetative techniques.

Imagine the convenience as our cameras take your students into locations where they see wholesale nursery operations cranking out millions of plants through commercial propagation techniques. You can't afford to take you classes to all of these types of operations, but you can show them how it all works through the convenience and economy of these programs.

Propagation Series Vol. 1-3

Save $60

Propagation Series Vol. 1-3 includes the three programs below
Vol. 1 Seeds DVD DVD 32 min.
Vol. 2 Cuttings DVD DVD 35 min.
Vol. Vegetative Techniques DVD DVD 28 min.
Propagation Set Vol. 1-3 $297.00
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A $60 savings. or purchase individually below

Vol. 1 Science of Propagation: Seeds

this program covers many manual seed sowing techniques, as well as the use of semiautomatic and full-automatic vacuum seeders. Explore all of the advantages seeds have and study: genetic variation; hybrids; seed anatomy; stages of germination/ harvesting; winnowing and threshing techniques. Learn about the many special germination requirements such as scarification, stratification, overcoming chemical inhibition, seed dormancy and quiescence. Students will discover the tools and techniques needed for seedling culture and transplanting. DVD 21 minutes.
Science of Propagation: Seeds - $119
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Vol. 2 Science of Propagation: Cuttings

From hardwood cuttings to hardening off, this fantastic new video shows students the tools, processes and methods used by professional propagators to successfully grow plants from cuttings. Many examples of Stem-cuttings, leaf-cuttings and root-cuttings are demonstrated, as well as specific examples of hardwood, semi-hardwood, softwood and herbaceous cuttings. Explore plant anatomy, growing environments, transplanting & growing on, rooting principles, and the monitoring of growth & development of cuttings. See how to streamline horticulture practices to prevent diseases and increase overall production.
DVD 35 minutes

Science of Propagation: Cuttings - $119
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Vol. 3 Science of Propagation: Vegetative Techniques

A very informative, close-up look at the many practical asexual propagation methods that can be used to reproduce plants. See many descriptive step-by-step examples which demonstrate the different types of vegetative propagation methods such as division, layering, bulbs and underground structures such as rhizomes and tubers. These propagation techniques give quick results and also provide an excellent laboratory for the study of plant science. Careful explanations of plant parts and procedures are given. This program clearly covers all aspects of vegetative propagation, except for cuttings. DVD 28 minutes

Science of Propagation: Vegetative Techniques- $119
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Propagation Series Vol 4-6 DVD set

NEW- save $60 when you but the setr

Propagation Series Vol. 4-6 includes the three programs below:
Vol. 4 Tubers and Tuberous Roots DVD 28 min.
Vol. 5 Hybridization DVD 28 min.
Vol. 6 Grafting Vegetables- Approach and Cleft Grafting DVD 28 min.

The next three programs in our popular Science of Propagation Series. These progams provide background information on the subjects as well as examples of projects to do in the classroom or greenhouse..

Propagation Series Vol 4-6 DVD set $297.00
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Individual programs in this set may be purchased below

Science of Propagation Vol. 4: Tubers and Tuberous Roots


focuses on these underground storage structures in great detail. The primary crops used are potatoes, sweet potatoes and dahlias. Aside from the traditional propagation methods using potato tubers, students will also learn how to work with True Seed Potatoes or TSP.

True Seed Potatoes are vital in the development of new potato varieties and are increasingly being produced for developing countries. Sweet potato cuttings are also demonstrated along with a delicious way to use these nutritious roots. Volume Four shows how to propagate the tuberous roots of dahlias and also demonstrates various treatments for extending the vase life of these extraordinary cut flowers.

Includes free student test to download and an accompanying teacher answer key

Add this new video to your collection now!

Tubers & Tuberous Roots- $119
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Science of Propagation Vol. 5: Hybridization

Volume Five of this series focuses on the mechanisms and benefits of plant hybridization. By observing cross-pollination techniques on tomatoes and day lilies, students will be able to replicate or even find new applications for this technology. Hybridization can invigorate plant varieties, and it is also a natural way to create entirely new kinds of plants. By breeding plants from closely related parents, we can improve disease resistance and modify the color, form and flavor of existing species and varieties. This DVD provides a quick review of plant anatomy terms. We then guide viewers step-by-step through the process of selecting suitable parents, cross pollination, emasculation, isolation, seed harvesting, sowing, transplanting and finally evaluating the new hybrid&rsq;s character. Students will easily grasp the skill of hand pollination. After learning the principles of plant hybridization, you will be able improve the fruits, vegetables and landscape plants so vital to our health and our environment. 28 min.

Science of Propagation: Hybridization- $119
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Vol. 6: Grafting Vegetables Approach and Cleft Grafting

Grafting is a well-known method of improving crop performance of long-lived, woody plants like fruit and nut trees, roses and grapes. Grafting is also used commercially to improve vegetable crops. Now, with this new DVD, horticulture instructors can quickly demonstrate the principles and mechanics of grafting by using fast-growing annual vegetables. Volume Six explains the techniques of approach grafting and cleft grafting. Learn the terms and definitions for grafting, and see how to select suitable vegetables for matching the scion (leafy tops) with understock (roots). We demonstrate how to start the plants from seeds and discuss the sowing schedule. We show how to cut and join the plants together using easy-to-see incisions, and also present various methods for wrapping and supporting a new graft. Watch how to assemble a simple humidity chamber for housing the newly grafted plants. Learn how to graft tomatoes, cucumbers, watermelons and more. 28 min..

Grafting Vegetables DVD $119
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Propagation Series Vol 7-9 DVD set

NEW- save $60 when you but the set

Propagation Series Vol. 7-9 includes the three programs below:
Vol. 7 World Food Crops: Grains and Legumes DVD 28 min.
Vol. 8 World Food Crops: Tropicals DVD 28 min.
Vol. 9 World Food Crops: Roots DVD 28 min.

The next three programs in our popular Science of Propagation Series. These progams provide background information on the subjects as well as examples of projects to do in the classroom or greenhouse..

Propagation Series Vol 7-9 DVD set $297.00
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Purchase as a set and save $60.00 or order individually below.

Vol. 7: World Food Crops- Grains and Legumes

Grains and legumes feed half of the world‘s growing population and also make fascinating subjects for propagation. Volume Seven covers the propagation methods for the major cereal crops (including “The Big Three”) as well as legume crops, such as soybeans, peanuts and lentils. Harvesting, threshing, winnowing and grinding techniques are demonstrated by both hand tools and modern machines. By following the program‘s step-by-step procedures, students will gain valuable experience and develop a greater appreciation for the food staples we all eat. From sowing kernels to baking corn bread, this program provides fun activities and real-life skills, which will engage students and build confidence. This DVD shows how to grow these plants using primarily open-pollinated seeds. 28 min.

Vol. 7: World Food Crops- Grains and Legumes- $119
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Vol. 8: World Food Crops- Tropicals

Volume Eight presents the reproduction techniques as well as cultural information for food staples grown in tropical regions. These economically-important crops feed much of the world’s population yet most of these plants are practically unknown in the USA. The program shows the easiest ways to propagate tropical food staples such as cassava, taro, sorghum, true yams, plantains and bananas. We&rsuo;ll also show how these plants can be processed and how to prepare meals and snacks using these valuable fruits, foots and canes. Tropical plants need shelter from freezing temperatures but are otherwise surprisingly easy to propagate and care for. DVD #3624 © 2010 28 min. $119.00

Vol. 8: World Food Crops- Tropicals- $119
See Streaming Version

Vol. 9: World Food Crops- Roots

Roots are one of the most nutritional foods on earth, still so many easy-to-grow and delicious root crops never make it to the market. This program presents step-by-step propagation techniques for common as well as unusual root crops grown and eaten throughout the world. In addition to carrots, radishes and beets, we'll introduce students to some of the wild edible roots found in the U.S. Learn about propagation methods for root and tuber crops of the Andes mountain range. South American roots such as oca, mashua and maca are easy to grow in temperate climates since they come from the higher, cooler elevations of the rugged Andes. As a bonus we'll show new techniques (not covered in previous volumes) for growing potatoes and sweet potatoes- two of the most important crops in the world. DVD #3611 © 2010 28 min. $119.00

Vol. 9: World Food Crops- Roots- $119
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Science of Propagation Full 9 Volume DVD set

This is the full nine volume set in the Science of Propagation Series. By buying the full set you will save $270. Please see above for details and video clips of the programs.

Science of Propagation Full 9 Vol. DVD Set- $799.00
See Streaming Version

Life Processes of Plants DVD

NEW This video investigates the major differences-and some striking similarities- between plants and animals in the areas of what they consume, how they breathe, and how they reproduce. Plant evolution, cell structure, the photosynthesis/respiration cycle, flowering and non-flowering plants, and sexual and asexual reproduction are covered. An instructor’s guide is available online. Correlates to National Academy of Sciences National Science Education Standards and the American Association for the Advancement of Science Benchmarks for Science Literacy. 17 min.

Life Processes of Plants DVD $129.00

Budding and Grafting

Follow step-by-step through five of the most important techniques: T-budding, chip budding, splice grafting, whip grafting and cleft grafting. DVD 27 minutes

Budding and Grafting - $95


The Evolution of Plants DVD

This program explores ways in which plants have evolved since moving from sea to land approximately 400 million years ago. It describes how the evolution of vascular systems made terrestrial life possible, and how plants with woody stems evolved into trees. With wide-ranging examples, including the Venus flytrap, the Wollemi Pine, and the giant sequoia, the video explains how different adaptations enable plants to reproduce, obtain nutrients, withstand fire, and ward off predators. It also covers basic botanical concepts such as photosynthesis, pollination and germination. An instructor’s guide is available online. Correlates to National Science Education Standards. 15 min.

The Evolution of Plants DVD


Field Grown Plants DVD

Examine the two major types of field-grown woody plants-bare root and balled/burlapped. See why climate, land and quality of product make field-grown plants a preference in commercial production. See how woody plants are propagated in the field (cuttings and grafting are shown) and in combination with container methods, especially for the production of landscape specimen trees. A supplement is included. DVD Duration: 32 minutes

Field Grown Plants DVD


Bedding Plant Production

An economic giant typically growing less than 12 inches tall, bedding plants are the foundation of most commercial greenhouses. The program details the procedures needed to grow and market annual and biennial bedding plants. Learn types and uses of bedding plants, seed selection, preparing the growing media, sowing seed, transplanting and nurturing the plants. The featured expert explains how to monitor the plants and provides tips about disease prevention. A supplement is included. Duration: 27 minutes DVD

Bedding Plant Production DVD - $95.00


Foliage Plant Production

Explore the propagation and production of foliage plants, beginning with an introduction to necessary equipment and facilities. Numerous propagation methods are demonstrated, including tip cuttings, leaf-stem bud cuttings, seed, and several direct stick techniques. Also discussed are crucial aspects of the growing-on phase of production such as light intensity, watering and fertilization. 27 min. DVD

Container Grown Plants DVD - $95.00


Potted Plant Production DVD

See the major aspects of potted plant production, from growing a finished crop to marketing. Details explored include media, tools, start-up costs and geographical factors of greenhouse growing. As a bonus, learn the specifics of growing several popular potted plant crops. 27 min.DVD

Potted Plant Production DVD - $95.00.00


Controling Invasive Plants

Discover the history of Arundo, which was used by settlers to make roofs and control erosion. This plant is a great example of how a horticultural introduction can turn into a problem for an entire community. See how thousands of acres of this costly plant have been removed to bring back the native habitat and water resources to the communities depending on them. This is a great model for the control of other invasive plants. 20 min.

Controling Invasive Plants - $119.00

See Streaming Version


Container Grown Plants DVD

Viewers follow the steps involved in producing container plants at a large wholesale nursery. First, learn about nursery support facilities, such as administration, marketing and the growing areas. Then watch plant production procedures: propagation (seed, cuttings, grafting, tissue culture), misting and indoor/outdoor growing areas, transferring to pots, hardening off, pest control, pruning and preparing for shipment. PDF supplement included. 29 min.DVD

Container Grown Plants DVD - $119.00


Introduction To Greenhouse Design

Explore the important factors in site selection and guidelines for facility orientation, and the variety of shapes and arrangements most commonly used for commercial plant production. You'll learn about the skeletal components, framing and glazing materials, beds and benches that are available. DVD 27 minutes

Introduction To Greenhouse Design DVD - $95

Greenhouse Hydroponics

Want to make your tomatoes, peppers or cucumbers really happy? Try hydroponics! A wide variety of plants will grow splendidly in a hydroponics greenhouse. Hydroponics is a system for growing plants without soil, using nutrients and water. In this video, Dr. Gene Giacomelli and Dr. Patricia Rorabaugh from the Controlled Environment Agriculture Center at the University of Arizona explain the basic structures and procedures used in operating a hydroponics greenhouse. This growing system produces great results for teachers, students, researchers, commercial growers, hobbyists and horticultural therapists. The video also covers techniques for greenhouse planting, plant management and pruning, using bees for pollination and crop harvesting. Learn how hydroponics can help you or your students grow thriving plants with great yields. DVD 29 min.

Greenhouse Hydroponics - $95


Introduction To Greenhouse Management

See and hear about the control of environmental factors such as the day to day or seasonal light intensity and how to increase or decrease the exposure according to the plants' light duration needs. The most common methods of temperature control used to manipulate plant growth through heating, cooling, humidity, and ventilation are demonstrated, as are safety and sanitation issues.

Introduction To Greenhouse Management DVD - $95

Oppprtunity to Grow

Explore a successful horticultural therapy program. See how people with various disabilities effectively form landscape crews and work for professional propagation and nursery operations. See how to use horticulture and social work to add confidence, beauty, self-worth and happiness to the lives of people with disabilities. This is a great example of a complete horticultural therapy program that integrates facilities, landscapes, workers, businesses and the community. 10 min. DVD $47.95

Opportunity to Grow DVD

See Streaming Version


Secret World of Gardens 13 vol. DVD set

13-part series providing a close-up look at the complex ecosystem that is the backyard garden. Using macro lenses and time-lapse photography, we explore the extraordinary secret life concealed right under our noses in a common garden. From defense strategies against predators to the exotic mating rituals of blossoms, this striking series allows us to witness the cycles of life and interactions within the ecosystem throughout the year in a backyard garden. Stunning cinemtaography guided by an outstanding team of scientific advisors reveals the ecology of chipmunks, sap suckers, weevils and leafhoppers. Each program in this 13-part series spotlights the four seasons in the life of a different group of flora and fauna.
  • The episodes in the series are:
  • 1. Life In A Vegetable Garden - Many mouths to feed, and clever ways to avoid becoming a meal.
  • 2. Nightlife - What comes out at night in the garden.
  • 3. Honeybees - The role of honeybees in a common garden.
  • 4. Appleachia - The amazing array of life an apple tree can lure into a garden.
  • 5. Fungi - What you see is only the tip of the iceberg.
  • 6. Sap Sucking Hoppers - The astronauts of the garden.
  • 7. Garden Mimics - More than meets the eye.
  • 8. Vines - The good, the bad and the ugly side of vines.
  • 9. Whether The Weather - How plants survive the stress of changes in the weather.
  • 10. Weevils - They crawl, they fly, and some even swim...
  • 11. Squirrels - What are these chipmunks and squirrels doing in the garden?
  • 12. The Old Oak Tree - The diverse world of oaks and their residents.
  • 13. Life In A Lawn - Paradise is a well-tended lawn.

Secret World of Gardens 13 Vol. DVD set $990.00


Planting Techniques: Herbaceous Plants and Ground Covers

Annuals, biennials, perennials, bulbs and ground covers are the non-woody plants that form the changing palette in our landscaping design. Learn how to select the right plants, prepare the soil and install and maintain the plantings. The featured expert explains special soil amendments, fertilizers, planting depths, mulches and after-care for each of the five herbaceous types. A supplement is included. 26 min.

Planting Techniques: Herbaceous Plants and Ground Covers DVD $119.00


Planting Techniques: Trees & Shrubs

This presentation explains the importance of selecting the right plants for your region and for a desired purpose, along with how to prepare the site, use good planting techniques and give follow-up care. Learn how to install plants available at most garden centers-bare root, container and balled and burlapped. You will also learn the proper way to stake a tree. A PDF supplement is included. 26 min.

Planting Techniques: Trees & Shrubs DVD $119.00


Plant Tissue Culture

This program provides an excellent introduction to plant tissue culture. Study gene transfer, embryo rescue and encapsulation. Visit a typical lab and learn the four stages of the tissue culture process. DVD, 21 minutes

Plant Tissue Culture DVD - $95

Tissue Culture Techniques

Demonstrates important techniques using two excellent plants for the beginner - the African Violet and the Syngonium. Presents inexpensive alternatives to professional equipment and materials. DVD 20 min.

Tissue Culture Techniques DVD - $95


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