Integrated Pest Management 4 Vol. DVD set

Save $80 when you order all four tiles in the I.P.M. Set.
I.P.M. in Agriculture DVD 29 min.
I.P.M. in the Landscape DVD 25 min.
I. P. M. in Greenhouses DVD 28 min.
I. P. M. in Turf DVD 25 min..

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I.P.M. in Agriculture DVD

See how and why IPM was developed in agriculture. Learn the basic strategies, proper pest identification, monitoring, biological control, physical control and chemical control. Explore various cultural control techniques such as sanitation, cultivation and the use of cover crops. Concepts such as the use of a crop�s economic threshold are also shown. See how these strategies are effectively applied in orchard production, field crop production, strawberry production and vegetable production. 29 min.$119.00

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I.P.M. in Greenhouses DVD

See how to apply a detailed pest monitoring program to effectively coordinate physical, biological, cultural, horticultural and chemical controls in greenhouse crops. Learn how to reduce costs, increase safety and improve pest control in production greenhouses. 27 min. $119.00

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I.P.M. in the Landscape DVD

See how to integrate biological, cultural, physical, horticultural and chemical strategies into an effective pest management program. Explore how the basic IPM strategies are effectively applied in various landscape situations and how an individualized IPM program can be set up. Then visit various settings where IPM is used, including home gardens, Disneyworld's Epcott Center and San Francisco's Conservatory of Flowers. This is the most popular video in our collection. It does a terrific job introducing this important topic to students. 25 min. $119.00

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I.P.M. in Turf DVD

See how an IPM program for turf can increase pest control, while effectively cutting costs. Students will learn how to regularly monitor for weeds, insects and diseases, how to utilize habitat modification, physical/mechanical controls, horticultural controls, biological controls and least-toxic chemical controls to efficiently keep turf healthy. 25 min. $119.00

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Natural Enemies DVD

In their fight against pests, tomato growers increasingly use the natural enemies of aphids, caterpillars, red mites and white flies instead of insecticides. These natural enemies kill the unwanted pests in various ways. By accumulating statistical records, scientists can determine which are the most effective natural enemies, so that these can be cultivated and sent into the field against destructive crop pests. 14 minutes $99.95


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