Efficient Water Management in the Landscape DVD

Learn about soil texture and structure, soil water holding capacity, water infiltration rates, evaporation, transpiration, evapotranspiration, irrigation scheduling, drip irrigation and other management practices. See how to implement an irrigation management program which will drastically reduce water use in both new and existing landscapes. 27 min.DVD. $119.00

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Irrigation Maintenance DVD

Simply the most complete and relevant maintenance and troubleshooting program available. Explore valves, pipes, heads, connectors and controllers. Irrigation systems may seem simple from above the ground, but below the ground lies a maze of pipes and fittings designed to withstand the forces of a dynamic environment. Their purpose: to supply the proper water coverage to a complex and ever-changing landscape. Learn to understand the relationship between the equipment and the landscape and the equipment�s built in strengths and weaknesses. Join us as we troubleshoot real problems in the field. From residential to commercial and industrial, our step by step process will supply you with a logical path to solving challenging problems. 30 min. DVD $119.00

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Xeriscape DVD

Learn how to conserve water, reduce maintenance, labor and save money. See how these techniques greatly enhance both the beauty and function of landscapes. Explore: proper plant selection; climatic factors and functional considerations in site analysis; soil testing; creative use of color, form and texture; hydrozoning; incorporation of turf areas; proper irrigation system selection, water audits, and irrigation scheduling; soil management via mulches, ground covers, and soil amendments; hardscaping for function and water/maintenance savings. 26 min.DVD $119.00

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Irrigation and Water Mgt. Set

Save $60.00 when you buy this set over purchasing the three seperately. This set includes those listed above: Efficent Water Mgt. in the Landscape, Xeriscape, Landscape Irrigation Systems: Maintenance and Troubleshooting. $297.00

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Irrigating the Land DVD

Who needs dryland when you have irrigation? Irrigation is a common practice used in both the agricultural and landscaping industries. This program covers its benefits, the relationship between soils and irrigation, different irrigation systems, water supply and management and scheduling. Irrigation system evaluation and environmental impacts of irrigation are also discussed. Collaborator: Randall Merriott, CID, Irrigation Dynamics

Irrigating the Land DVD $119.00

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