Geographic Information Systems

See how G.I.S. can help in Land use decision making at a number of different scales. This tool allows us to overlay and process data that is important to our present and future decision making. 28 min. DVD $119.00

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Landscape Design 5-Program DVD Set

This DVD set includes 5 of our most popular productions on the topic of Landscape Design. Includes all aspects of landscape design- from basic elements of planning, to complex design issues such as unity, harmony, repetition, balance, symmetry, dominance, and scale. Also covers working with clients, legal standards and codes, and accessibility concerns. Simply the most comprehensive and carefully produced series available dealing with the various and complex issues of landscape design.

You get the following programs (see below):
Landscape Design Principles
Landscape Design Process
Plant Usage In Landscape Design
Sustainable Landscape: Ecological Design Principles
Universal Design In The Landscape

SAVE $1000 - $495

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Landscape Design Principles DVD

This new video demystifies the basic elements used to plan and create attractive and appropriate outdoor environments. Students are shown how to incorportate plants, topography and hardscape features with the basic artistic principles of form, line, texture and color. See how to implement more complex design principles such as unity, harmony, repetion, balance, symetry, dominance and scale. With clear terms and explaations, learn how to design landscapes which are appropriate, novel and well built. DVD 33 min. $119.00

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Landscape Design Process DVD

This new video examines the basic design steps including the design program, site analysis, concept development, master planning and design, as well as project installation. See how the seemingly linear design process becomes a dynamic cycle of creative problem solving. Discover the many concerns which a Landscape Designer must bring into balance. The clients objective, financial limitations, legal standards, codes, safety, security, maintenance, microclimates, circulation, patterns of use, and site limitations are just some of the themes brought into focus. DVD 31 min. $119.00

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Landscaping With Container Plants DVD
Discover the important contributions that container plantings make to our surrounding environments. Along with horticultural and aesthetic reasons for landscaping with container plants, this program presents detailed information about choosing containers, selecting appropriate plants, necessary planting techniques and maintenance considerations. 26 min..
Landscaping with Container Plants DVD $119.00

Landscape Maintenance Estimating
Learn that the first step is a thorough site visit with the prospective client. Next, two primary methods of estimating are explored -the full take-off method and the comparison method. Finally, the process of creating a bid and considerations for contracting and subcontracting are presented. 25 min.
Landscpe Maintenance Estimating DVD $95.00

Plant Usage in Landscape Design DVD

Explore the importance of plants in the planned landscape, and look into their functional value, aesthetic value, property value and environmental value. Learn about: site analysis, maintenance plans, the function and utility of a site, aesthetics, space articulation, privacy, circulation, screening, views and vista controls, erosion control, soil building, habitat for wildlife, people, historic, cultural influences in landscape design. 32 min. DVD $119.00

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Sustainable Landscape DVD

Learn appropriate landscaping principles to add beauty, function, economy and sustainability to a design. Enhance the surrounding green space areas; utilize natural growth habits of plants; increase biodiversity; select and group plants to promote water efficiency, microclimate control; grade landscapes to promote ground water recharge and to discourage erosion and runoff and see techniques to harvest the nutrient, energy and water resources of the landscape. DVD 32 min. $119.00

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Universal Design 3 program DVD Set

Buy all three in the series and save $60. The set includes:
Introduction to Universal Design30 min. DVD
Universal Design in Architecture35 min. DVD
Universal Design in the Landscape34 min. DVD
Set price: $297.00

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Introduction to Universal Design DVD

Explore a brief history of how the philosophy of accessibility, known as Universal Design, has emerged. Through the basic criteria of Universal Design, this program shows how designers meet requirements of The Americans with Disabilities Act, (ADA). Gain an understanding of attitudinal and physical barriers to accessibility, how they originate and how to minimize them. This video defines the concept and criteria of a continuous path of travel and sets the foundation for the following program. 30 min. DVD $119.00

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Universal Design in Architecture DVD

The third video in this series shows in-depth examples of good, accessible design involving the path-of-travel through buildings. Visit the designers and/or users of a universally designed recreation center, a shopping center, residences, business establishments and a library to name a few. In addition to the accessible, functional and appropriate design of new structures, alterations of existing structures are also shown. Numerous design specifications are interwoven throughout this interesting and comprehensive program. 35 min.. DVD $119.00

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Universal Design in the Landscape DVD

See how to create accessible designs that are beautiful, appropriate and functional. With a path-of-travel approach, you'll visit the landscapes of parks, playgrounds, botanical gardens, residences and institutions, to name a few. In addition to the hard and softscape design of new landscapes, the retrofitting of existing landscapes is also shown. 34 min. DVD $119.00

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