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Plant Taxonomy: a two part DVD

plant taxonomy picture

What is the difference between a plant species and a sub-species, and how are those plants related to hybrids, varieties and forms? These questions have often created frustration and confusion between botanists, horticulturists and scientists. Finally there is a detailed video which explains the systems for naming, classifying and identifying plants.

Plant Taxonomy: The Universal Language, is a video program which covers many related topics including scientific nomenclature, classification, identification and field botany. The first half of the program starts by introducing viewers to the internationally recognized system of binomial nomenclature developed by Carl Linnaeus(1707-1778).

While older models of classification are based on plant morphology, this program also presents new systems based on recent molecular findings. See how plant samples and records are stored in a modern herbarium. Text graphics make it easy for students to grasp the many rules which are used when recording plant names.

The second half of the video shows how to develop observation skills for recognizing plant families in gardens and natural environments. Clear and readable text is shown as the narrator presents the terms used to describe flowers and leaves. These terms are repeated as students see how to identify flowering plant families and species. Dichotymous keys are shown alongside video images which help to illustrate the key terms and definitions as they are being narrated.

Extensive graphics, clear examples, original music and beautiful photography make this program a powerful resource on this complex yet important topic. Two videos on one tape. Part 1: 21 min. Part 2: 28 min. $155.00

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1200 Weeds of North America

This DVD is a follow-up to the extremely successful 1,000 Weeds of North America CD. We’ve added 200 species and over 2,000 new images ( 6,200+ images total) and a new graphical user interface. The weed identification software contained on this DVD is useful to a broad audience ranging from college professors and professional herbicide applicators, to gardeners, ranchers, and anyone curious about weeds. It is an easy to use approach that allows the user to identify their plant by selecting the characteristic that they see (milky juice, plant height, spines, leaf shape, flower color, etc.) This program includes: graphic images of all terms and botanical structures used in the identification process; a step-by-step tutorial; cross references to page numbers in over 50 of the most popular weed reference books; country-level distribution maps for each species; and more. PC only. DVD for PC computer

1200 Weeds of North America $109.00 button gif

Diseases of Landscape Plants DVD

This program looks closely at fungi, bacteria and viruses, as well as environmental conditions. Common symptoms are clearly illustrated with appropriate modes of action and cultural control methods. Different plant diseases may show similar symptoms. Use this video to help find the right treatments for specific plant diseases. 17 min.

Diseases of Landscape Plants DVD $95.00 button gif

Flower Identification PowerPoint©

floral design photoThis new production includes detailed floral informaiton on common flowers for the garden and nursery. The flowers identified in this presentation are aligned to the National FFA Floriculture Identification list. Each plant includes the common and scientific name, origin, possible colors and at least two pictures of the plant. 154 ”slides“

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House Plant Identification CD-ROM

Enjoy full-color photos as you learn the ornamental features, form and size, light requirements, special features and name derivation of 174 house plants. You can view and hear scientific and common name pronunciation and quiz yourself on 60 flowering, 50 foliage, 24 cactus and succulents, 11 ferns, 8 orchids and 4 types of palm plants that are admired and tended in homes around the country.CD-ROM $125.00

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Plant I.D. The Easy Way CD-ROM

With this incredible multimedia resource, students can view 354 photos and read distinguishing characteristics of plants in each of the following areas: annuals, perennials, bulbs, ground covers, lawn grasses, trees, shrubs, vegetables, herbs, fruits and nuts. Zoom in on the photo, request the pronunciation key and quiz yourself on any and all plant sections. In the included video, Techniques in Plant Identification, you learn eight general identification techniques for all plants. A “must see” for any botany or horticulture class.

Plant ID The Easy Way CD-ROM $99.00