Sustainable Agriculture 4 Vol. DVD set

Visit a wide range of farmers and entomology farm advisors who are implementing tactics that enhance a farm's biological diversity. See how sustainable agriculture is efficent in the use of natural resources, ecologically sound and economical. Explore the farm-estuary connection- see how farmers are reducing soil loss and improving waterways. Learn about sustainable systems, or loops in the natural world. $396.00

Farmscaping: Tactics for Achieving Sustainable Agriculture27 min.
Sustainable Agriculture 30 min.
The Farm-Estuary Connection 22 min.
Sustainable Environments33 min.

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Following is adescription of each of the four titles in the series:

Sustainable Agriculture DVD

Learn how to: improve soil fertility and nutrient cycling, maintain biological diversity, implement effective cover crops and trap crops, integrate farm animals, add compost to the soil, mulch, reduce soil erosion and enhance soil structure by utilizing various conservation tillage techniques, manage pests, develop useful crop rotations, and much more. Visit numerous locations and hear from five farmers who have successfully made the transition. 30 min. $119.00

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Farmscaping: Advanced Tactics for Achieving Sustainable Agriculture DVD

Visit a wide range of farmers and entomology farm advisors who are implementing tactics that enhance a farm's biological diversity; enrich it�s soil fertility, drainage and tilth; achieve biological weed and insect pest management and reduce the need for agricultural chemicals. See how cover crops are used to manage weeds and improve the soil�s structure and fertility. Find out how to utilize and time certain cover crops to help attract the specific predators which help control pest insects. See how to implement insectary crops, trap crops, mowing and tillage of cover crops, inter cropping and habitat strips. You�ll then see how to utilize weeds, roadside and insectary plantings, windrows and hedgerows to bring even more biological diversity to the farm. 27 min. $119.00

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Farm-Estuary Connection DVD

This program defines what a watershed is and shows how it's connected with a series of creeks and waterways to an estuary or bay. Visit five farmers who are successfully reducing soil loss on their farms and ranches. Explore how cover crops, intensive grazing, creek buffer strips, and other techniques help lengthen the life on an estuary by reducing silation of the creeks. Students see how this slows the sedimentation process of an estuary in the farmer's watershed. 22 min. $119.00

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Aquaculture- Advances in Fish Farming

Aquaculture is one of the newest industries on the planet and is making a big splash in the state of Florida. There are over 210 farmed aquatic plant and animal species reported world-wide. Florida‘s warm waters encourage faster growth of certain species such as mollusks and cobia fish. This new industry is also responsible for job growth needed for the development of specialized equipment, ongoing research and aquaculture farms. 15 min. DVD: grades 6-12

Aquaculture DVD $95.00

Fed Up! Genetic Engineering, Industrial Agriculture and Sustainable Alternatives DVD

About 70% of the food we eat contains genetically modified ingredients and is not labeled. The biotechnology industry is spending $50 million a year to convince us that this technology is our only hope for feeding the world and saving the environment. Family farmers are disappearing at an astonishing rate as people continue to go hungry both here and abroad. Using hilarious and disturbing archival footage and featuring interviews with farmers, scientists, government officials and activists, FED UP! presents an entertaining, informative and compelling overview of our food production system from the Green Revolution to the Biotech Revolution. 57 min. Closed captioned.

Fed Up! 119.00

Food for Tomorrow: Critical Issues in Global Agriculture

Predictions are that by the year 2025 the world's population will double. That means agriculture will have to find ways to feed twice as many people as it does today. But can we feed the earth without destroying it? "Food for Tomorrow" explores the core issues: Sustainability, Soil Fertility, Water Resources, Forest resources, Small Holder Livestock, Biodiversity, Integrated Pest Management, Research. Filmed at locations around the world, "Food for Tomorrow" offers a global synopsis of issues critical to sustainable food production. Important viewing for students of agriculture, international development, and the environment. Program length is 28 minutes.

Food For Tomorrow DVD 119.00

Fresh Food: What is Farm to Table? DVD

Tap into the current trend of eating locally grown foods without the use of chemical pesticides or hormones! The basics of sustainable farming is explored through the eyes of three highly-trained chefs who leave big city jobs to carve out a place to grow fresh, healthy ingredients for their gourmet dishes. Discover:

  • The differences and similarities between sustainable and organic farming
  • A brief history of American farms
  • How the chefs created and market their farm
  • How the fresh food travels from farm to table
  • Appropriate for grades 6 to Adult
  • Teaching materials online.

Teaching materials online. Closed Captioned. 20 minutes

Fresh Food: What is Farm to Table? DVD $95.00

My Father’s Garden DVD

Herbert Smith, farmer of orange groves in Florida, was a hero of his age: dedicated, innovative, a champion of the new miracle sprays of the 1950’s. He used these chemicals to fashion a man-made paradise; and his fate is the heart of this film. A second farmer, Fred Kirschenmann of North Dakota, is a hero for our age. Faced with a shattered farm economy, he steered his land through the transition to organic farming. Twenty years later, his farm is thriving. The differences between organic agriculture and conventional agribusiness are clearly demonstrated. The issues of farm history, industry and ecology are all addressed. The lesson: we can bring health and beauty back into the farm, if we are willing to cooperate with nature’s infinite intelligence. 56 min.

My Father’s Garden $250.00

Sustainable Environments

This program defines sustainability and then explores how sustainable systems, or loops, work in the natural world. Examine the elements of sustainable environments including: diversity, interdependence, the ability to adapt or evolve & how resources are utillized. This is followed byexamples of how this understanding can lead to solutions in the design & implementation of the built environment. With interesting interviews and a wide vareity of locations, you'll see how sustainability can be applied to agriculture, transportations systems, buildings & landscapes, life-styles and work. This is ideal to introduce students to the understanding and importance of working towards sustainability with an interdisciplinary approach. 33min. $119.00

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Strategies for Sustainable Agriculture 6 Vol. DVD set


Save $100.00 when you buy all six Strategies for Sustainable Agriculture; Field crops, IPM For Apples, IPM for Vegetables & Small Fruits, High-Value Marketing, Rotational Grazing, and Vegetables. Entire 6 Vol. set for $319.70
Strategies for Sustainable Agriculture 6 vol. Set
Field Crops 29 min.
I.P.M. for Apples29 min.
I.P.M. for Vegetables and Small Fruit29 min.
High Value Marketing29 min.
Rotational Grazing29 min.
Vegetables29 min.

Field Crops DVD

This video profiles farmers who grow field crops, either as part of livestock operations or as cash grains. The farmers stress the importance of soil fertility and explain how they achieve it. Sections include manure management, crop rotations, cover crops, green manures, weed control methods and pest management systems. An excellent resource. 29 min. $69.95

High-Value Marketing DVD

In this effective video, farmers demonstrate ways in which they have increased the value of what they sell. Strategies include direct and cooperative marketing, processing and organic certification. 29 min. $69.95

IPM for Apples DVD

Faced with consumer pressure, narrow profit margins and a shrinking arsenal of pesticides, these apple growers have turned to IPM practices to battle one of the most difficult apple pest complexes in the world. Apple maggot, leaf roller, codling moth and plum curculio controls are examined, as well as treatments for diseases like apple scab. 29 min. $69.95

IPM for Vegetables & Small Fruit

For many growers, the first step toward lower pesticide use is the practice of Integrated Pest Management. This method stresses the use of chemicals only as a last resort. Farmers illustrate ways to limit sprays by close monitoring of pest populations and by finding cultural and biological alternatives to pesticides. 29 min. $69.95

Rotational Grazing DVD

Intensive grazing systems make efficient, inexpensive use of pastures and offer dairy, beef, and sheep farmers a way to lower costs and thereby stay in business. Some farmers combine rotational grazing with feeding grain. Others rely exclusively on pasture and do not feel the need to devote time, money, equipment or chemicals to grow field crops. 29 min. $69.95

Vegetables DVD

The growers in this video have responded to the increasing demand by consumers for safe, high quality food. Many grow vegetables organically. They also emphasize soil fertility and describe ways to achieve it with manure, composting systems, crop rotations, cover crops and green manure. Weed and insect control strategies are also discussed. 29 min. $69.95

Sustainale Design 4 Vol. DVD set

In this DVD set you will Explore sustainable planning and design, see practical and economical applications of resourceful technology, learn appropriate landscapeing principles to add beauty, function, ecconomy. Four titles included on two DVD disks as listed below. Total programming time is 127 minutes. $396.00
Sustainable Design Series DVD Set
Sustainable Architecture38 min.
Resourceful Materials and Methods for Building Construction24 min.
Sustainable Landscape: Ecological Design Principles 32 min.
Sustainable Environments33 min.

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Resourceful Materials and Methods DVD

See practical and economical applications of resourceful technology in this effective new video. Join award winning architect and builder, Randy Dettmer, AIA, as he shows you how resourceful construction technology can be incorporated into any building project. From recycled styrofoam block wall systems to �hay bale� construction, this program will introduce you to a wide variety of construction products and techniques which are sensitive and responsive to our world ecology and limited resources. 22 min. $119.00

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Sustainable Architecture DVD

Explore planning and design; basic building design; embodied energy and resource use in buildings; heating, cooling and ventilation; lighting; infrastructures; and a holistic, or complete, view of the whole building and design process. This program has interviews with Robert & Diane Gilman, Amory Lovins of Rocky Mountain Institute and Mike & Judy Corbett of Village Homes. You�ll also hear from professors of Vernacular Architecture, Sustainable Design and Community Planning, an Indoor Environmental Quality Specialist, two Solar Architects, a General Building Contractor, a Landscape Architect and two other Architecture Professors. 38 min. $119.00

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Sustainable Environments DVD

This popular program defines sustainability and then explores how sustainable systems, or loops, work in the natural world. You�ll examine the elements of sustainable environments including: diversity, interdependence, the ability to adapt or evolve and how resources are utilized. This is followed by effective examples of how this understanding can lead to solutions in the design and implementation of the built environment. With interesting interviews and a wide variety of locations, you�ll see how sustainability can be applied to agriculture, transportation systems, buildings and landscapes, and life-styles and work. This is ideal for introducing students to the understanding and importance of working towards sustainability with an interdisciplinary approach. 33 min. $119.00

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Sustainable Landscape DVD

Learn appropriate landscaping principles to add beauty, function, economy and sustainability to a design. Enhance the surrounding green space areas; utilize natural growth habits of plants; increase biodiversity; select and group plants to promote water efficiency & microclimate control; grade landscapes to promote ground water recharge and to discourage erosion and runoff and see techniques to harvest the nutrient, energy and water resources of the landscape. VHS 32 min. $119.00

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Miracle of Agriculture: Growing a Sustainable Future DVD

The Miracle of Agriculture is a multicultural tour of food and fiber production around the world, from the remote Cape Verde Islands to the rugged Australian outback, from the barren Sahara desert to the rich rice paddies of Thailand, from the scrub lands of Western Africa to the incredibly productive central valley of California, from the crowded Japanaese mainland to the vast emptiness of the Texas high plains, from the lush Amazon Basin of Brazil to the hillside poverty of Haiti, from the fields of Picardy in Europe to the soaring Atlas mountains of Morocco. Winner of the 1994 “Gold” award from Agricultural Communicators in Education. Ideal for courses on ecology, geography, social studies, agriculture, and earth sciences. Program length is 46 minutes.

Miracle of Agriculture DVD $119.00

Black Gold DVD

This film traces the tangled trail from the two billion cups of coffee consumed each day back to the coffee farmers who produce the beans. In particular, It follows Tadesse Meskela as he tries to get a living wage for the 70,000 Ethiopian coffee farmers he represents. In the process Black Gold provides the most in-depth study of any commodity on film today and offers a compelling introduction to the ‘fair trade’ movement. ©2006 77 Min. DVD Closed Captioned.

Black Gold $195.00

Beyond Organic DVD

BEYOND ORGANIC tells the story of Fairview Gardens- an urban farm located in Goleta, California, right in the middle of some of the most expensive real estate in the U.S. This program shows this amazing farm and its long battle to survive in the face of rapid suburban development. It explores the efforts of Ableman and his staff to diversify the farm, open it to educational tours for thousands of people -- especially schoolchildren -- and defend it against angry neighbors, hostile public officials and developers eager to re-zone the land for condominiums. It draws a sharp contrast between community supported agriculture and conventional chemical farming, and it calls on organic farmers to remember basic principles, including fair labor practices, as their farms grow in size and power.

Beyond Organic $195.00

Seeds of Change: A Case Study of Sustainable Development in China

After surviving an emergency crash-landing, Dr. Sam Chao resolved to do something that would make a difference in the world. This award-winning program follows the outcome of his resolution: ECO, the Ecological Conservancy Outreach fund. Donating his life savings to the project, Dr. Chao enlists his childhood friend, Dr. Larry Wang, to clean up the Yangtze River and its tributaries, ravaged by erosion due to deforestation. As the video shows, sustainable ecological improvement must be linked to economic improvement for farmers whose very lives hang in the balance of such plans. Filmed largely in China’s Yunnan province, Seeds of Change visits the farmers who switch from growing crops on the riverbanks to forest-based agriculture. 48 min.

Seeds of Change: A Case Study of Sustainable Development in China $195.00

Wind Power- A renewable Energy Source

Fossil fuels have long been the world‘s energy source, but it wasn‘t always that way. Ancient Eastern cultures developed the first known wind mills for drawing water and grinding grains into flour. The modern three-blade, computer-controlled Wind Turbine does what all wind turbines have always done - harness the energy from the earth‘s constant flow of air. This program explores wind power‘s alternative energy production in today‘s oil-dependent economy - how it works and the environmental factors that scientists are researching.

Wind Power- A renewable Energy Source DVD $95.00

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