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With an exciting new addition: Tubers & Tuberous Roots

This popular series of videos has been a staple in classrooms across the United States and in many foreign countries. Now you can add a new and important propagation technique - Tubers and Tuberous Roots - to the three propagation methods previously covered: seeds, cuttings, and vegetative techniques.

Imagine the convenience as our cameras take your students into locations where they see wholesale nursery operations cranking out millions of plants through commercial propagation techniques. You can't afford to take you classes to all of these types of operations, but you can show them how it all works through the convenience and economy of these videos.

Exciting New Addition to our Propagation Series
Volume Four: Tubers & Tuberous Roots

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Tubers & Tuberous Roots
focuses on these underground storage structures in great detail. The primary crops used are potatoes, sweet potatoes and dahlias. Aside from the traditional propagation methods using potato tubers, students will also learn how to work with True Seed Potatoes or TSP.

True Seed Potatoes are vital in the development of new potato varieties and are increasingly being produced for developing countries. Sweet potato cuttings are also demonstrated along with a delicious way to use these nutritious roots. Volume Four shows how to propagate the tuberous roots of dahlias and also demonstrates various treatments for extending the vase life of these extraordinary cut flowers.

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Includes free student test to download and an accompanying teacher answer key.

Tubers & Tuberous Roots- $119

Save $60 When You Purchase Seeds, Cuttings & Vegatative Techniques In A Two-DVD Set - The Science of Plant Propagation Series 1

Watch the two-minute video sample below.

The Science of Propagation Series

The first three titles: Seeds, Cuttings, and Vegatative Techniques, described below, have been combined into a convenient two-DVD as The Science of Platn Propagation Series 1. You can get this set at a budget saving price. If purchased individually, these three titles would cost $357. You save $60 when you purchase all three titles bundled together in this kit.

Propagation Series Vol. 1-3 includes the three programs below
Vol. 1 Seeds DVD DVD 32 min. © 2000
Vol. 2 Cuttings DVD DVD 35 min. © 2000
Vol. Vegetative Techniques DVD DVD 28 min. © 2000
Propagation Set Vol. 1-3 $297.00

A $60 savings. or purchase individually below

The three titles are also available individually and are described below ...

Science of Propagation: Seeds
this program covers many manual seed sowing techniques, as well as the use of semiautomatic and full-automatic vacuum seeders. Explore all of the advantages seeds have and study: genetic variation; hybrids; seed anatomy; stages of germination/ harvesting; winnowing and threshing techniques. Learn about the many special germination requirements such as scarification, stratification, overcoming chemical inhibition, seed dormancy and quiescence. Students will discover the tools and techniques needed for seedling culture and transplanting. DVD 21 minutes.

Science of Propagation: Seeds - $119

Science of Propagation: Cuttings
From hardwood cuttings to hardening off, this fantastic new video shows students the tools, processes and methods used by professional propagators to successfully grow plants from cuttings. Many examples of Stem-cuttings, leaf-cuttings and root-cuttings are demonstrated, as well as specific examples of hardwood, semi-hardwood, softwood and herbaceous cuttings. Explore plant anatomy, growing environments, transplanting & growing on, rooting principles, and the monitoring of growth & development of cuttings. See how to streamline horticulture practices to prevent diseases and increase overall production. DVD 35 minutes

Science of Propagation: Cuttings - $119

Science of Propagation: Vegetative Techniques
A very informative, close-up look at the many practical asexual propagation methods that can be used to reproduce plants. See many descriptive step-by-step examples which demonstrate the different types of vegetative propagation methods such as division, layering, bulbs and underground structures such as rhizomes and tubers. These propagation techniques give quick results and also provide an excellent laboratory for the study of plant science. Careful explanations of plant parts and procedures are given. This program clearly covers all aspects of vegetative propagation, except for cuttings. DVD 28 minutes

Science of Propagation: Vegetative Techniques- $119

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