“The grass may be greener on the other side of the fence but you still have to mow it.”

Green Side Up: Professional Sod Laying DVD

A direct, concise training program on how to lay sod. Experts demonstrate easy-to-learn techniques and offer tips on how to obtain great results. 20 min.

Healty Turf: First Line of Defence

An IPM program for turf, offering cost-effective, long-term solutions to pest problems that minimize the hazards to humans and the environment. 22 min.

Healty Turf: First Line of Defence DVD $79.95

Integrated Pest Management in Turf DVD

See how an IPM program for turf can increase pest control, while effectively cutting costs. Students will learn how to regularly monitor for weeds, insects and diseases, how to utilize habitat modification, physical/mechanical controls, horticultural controls, biological controls and least-toxic chemical controls to efficiently keep turf healthy. 25 min.

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Professional Turf Management DVD

See why a turf specialist draws on both technical information and practical experience. Starting with how grasses grow, look at what a site assessment determines and examine the common types of turf grasses. Also explore mowing, irrigation, soil fertility and fertilization, cultural practices and pest control. 22 min. DVD $95.00


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