Universal Design 3 Vol. DVD Set

This set is ideal for teaching the fundamentals of Universal Design. The set includes Introduction to U.D, U.D. in Architecture, U.D. in the Landscape. Save $60 when you buy the 3 programs as a set.

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Universal Design in Architecture DVD

The program in this series shows in-depth examples of good, accessible design involving the path-of-travel through buildings. Visit the designers and/or users of a universally designed recreation center, a shopping center, residences, business establishments and a library to name a few. In addition to the accessible, functional and appropriate design of new structures, alterations of existing structures are also shown. Numerous design specifications are interwoven throughout this interesting and comprehensive program. 35 min.

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Universal Design in the Landscape DVD

See how to create accessible designs that are beautiful, appropriate and functional. With a path-of-travel approach, you�ll visit the landscapes of parks, playgrounds, botanical gardens, residences and institutions, to name a few. In addition to the hard and softscape design of new landscapes, the retrofitting of existing landscapes is also shown. 34 min

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Introduction to Universal Design

Explore a brief history of how the philosophy of accessibility, known as Universal Design, has emerged. Through the basic criteria of Universal Design, this program shows how designers meet requirements of The Americans with Disabilities Act, (ADA). Gain an understanding of attitudinal and physical barriers to accessibility, how they originate and how to minimize them. This video defines the concept and criteria of a continuous path of travel and sets the foundation for the following program. 30 min.

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